About us

frivilligkatalogIntercultural Association Silkeborg is an organization for volunteers that want to assist new citizens to get on with their education and their life in Silkeborg. The association was formed by a group of volunteers who was involved in the project GFU-Leisure.

GFU-leisure started back in 1998 as a homework cafe run by Silkeborg Youth School and the Youth Guidance Centre with the help of volunteers. The target group was newly arrived young people who went to the lower secondary school for young foreigners (GFU).

With the founding of the association in 2003 new activities came and the target group was expanded to include all bilinguals in the municipality – children, young people and their parents.
Ethnic Youth Forum was an important activity for several years. It was in this context that The Peoples Kitchen was started, and one of the Forum's tasks was to plan an activity/event for each “Kitchen”.
The Peoples Kitchen has been an activity once monthly since 2005.
Gymnastics for women has also been an activity for many years.

Association aims:

  • to support children and young foreigners in the Silkeborg area in their approach to / integration in the Danish society.
  • that the Association, where possible, strive to cooperate with the established leisure- and cultural life
  • to recruit and train volunteers and to create an environment for the volunteers to maintain them in voluntary work


About us