Intercultural Association offers guidance

  • You can ask for guidance and advice on your education, or how to get an education or a job.
  • You can ask for advice and guidance on, for example. tax, budget, housing, SU, work, unemployment benefits, social security, etc.
  • If you have personal problems, you can also talk about them.

We have 3 educated youth counsellors – Mogens, Sophie, and Johny. They are all volunteers in the Homework Café so see under opening hours when to meet them.

Your counsellor observes professional secrecy, unless you agree otherwise.

Internet-based guidance
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Guidance concerning choice of education, vocation and career – and problems related to the continuing or completion of an education programme.



is the local youth guidance centre for Silkeborg.

Any young person is welcome to visit the centre or to contact the centre via phone.

You may also visit our homepage.