Peoples Kitchen

Free food and good company -
is it that you?

The first Monday of every month you can get something good to eat - meet your friends - be inspired by a lecture, a debate, a movie or perhaps a musical event.

400 food

The food - All the meals are prepared by a group of volunteers.

Sophie is the coordinator.
If you are interested in joining the cooking team - please contact Sophie. 

The cooking team starts at 16:00 and finishes at about 21:30

400 cook

Theme - Each Folkek√łkken has a theme

It may be a country, a culture, a presentation, a film ....
There are 3 people kitchens with set themes.

  • June is summer peoples kitchen with barbecue and competitions
  • November is the educational peoples kitchen with "a student menu" and career guidance.
  • December is Christmas peoples kitchen with Christmas food and bingo
400 guests

Peoples Kitchen