Volunteer Peoples Kitchen

We need a lot of volunteers
As a volunteer, you can choose to be on the food team that meets at 16.00 and help with the cooking and / or table setting. A normal evening will have young bilingual people and / or parents who participates in the cooking.

The food is served at 19.00, after the food has been served the place and dishes will need to be cleaned - some volunteers choose to help with this instead.

A group of volunteers are responsible for planning the menus and purchasing the ingredients. The ingredients are all purchased at Bazar Vest.

After the dinner a subject is presented with an invitation to discussion. Volunteers can also choose to participate as one of the people in charge of planning and executing this.

Requirements for volunteers

Stability – if one has signed up for attending at a certain date, then one must attend. This means that it is not a demand to attend every month, you can arrange to participate in the ones that are possible for you.

As a volunteer you get the opportunity to cook recipes from all over world together with young people and parents from many different cultures.
See our intercultural cookbook that has been made as an EU project in cooperation with a German elementary school and the Competence Center for Integration.

The food is free and the People's Kitchen is supported by Silkeborg Municipality and by differet fundings.

Contact information: Sophie 2871 9132

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